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With a Profit-Centric Approach

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Generate Targeted Leads

Imagine being able to drill down exactly who you want to target, and use highly effective marketing messaging to provide them the insight they need to make an educated buying decision about what your company offers…

Fill Exclusive Events

Executive round tables are a highly effective way to bring together your target market, and share with them critical info about your solutions. We specialize in helping businesses fill events with their perfect client.

Follow Up & Convert

One of our most powerful systems allows you to stay top of mind with your leads, even years after they join your list. Provide valuable content that nurtures and converts your leads simultaneously with drip marketing.
We Are A Profit-Centric Digital Marketing Agency

eRational Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that prides itself on its holistic approach to campaigns.  We work, at every turn, to help generate demand for your offering. Whether you want to draw more revenue out of your existing list, or drive new, highly qualified leads to your business, we’re here to support you.

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A Different Approach To Marketing

Rather than exclusively devoting ourselves to one aspect of marketing, we work to create end-to-end results with our ROI-Focused S-Marketing approach.  We start by identifying your goals and the existing systems & processes that are in place. We build these existing assets into our plan for your execution, so you can leverage everything you already have at hand.

Here are the 3 key pillars to our philosophy:


When planning a strategy with clients, we evaluate their goals, and reverse engineer what we believe it will take to get them there.

This includes mapping out a plan with hard metrics and a projected ROI. If we aren’t both confident that your initiative will generate a 300% return, we won’t move forward.


Sales and marketing are more closely entwined than ever before. Whether you are driving to an offline service or an online e-commerce sale, you need your lead generation and lead conversion systems to work as an extension of one another.

Because let’s face it… what’s the point of a marketing campaign that doesn’t generate sales?


In all marketing campaigns, we work to limit the amount of time invested by your owners and managers. That said, you know your business better than we ever could.

That’s why our goal at every step is to ensure we are using you only for the most high-leverage aspects of the project, such as strategy and creating your video content.

Case Studies

Below we’ve provided insight into the work we’ve done for just a few of our clients, and the results they’ve achieved.
At ERM, your success is our success, and we’ve got the metrics to prove it!

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S-Marketing In Action


A professional conference producer and speaker came to us asking us to help him generate ticket sales for his events in multiple locations. Using a combination of our Jacuzzi Nurture system and a powerful webinar-filling funnel, our team filled rooms for paid events across 7 cities, spanning 4 countries in just two months.

The audience salivated for each week’s fresh piece of content, with open rates for content emails as high as 64%, and click rates as high as 44%!



Return On Investment


Paid Ticket Sales

Quali-Cal Appointment Booking


This client’s primary issue wasn’t generating leads…it was qualifying which ones were worth their sales team’s time. Their goal was twofold: convince qualified leads that now was the time to upgrade, and stay top-of-mind with leads over their extended sales cycle.

Almost instantly, their consultations started to go more smoothly, as clients had already had a number of their questions answered via the automated nurture sequences.



Appointments Generated Increased


Additional Sales In The First Month

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Nurture Systems Drive Sales


We were approached by an online English as a Second Language company interested in a solution that would up-level their sales pipeline infrastructure, and allow their system to convert leads with less human involvement. We helped them adopt S-Marketing and the results were amazing!

The goal here was to help them merge their existing online marketing infrastructure with their offline sales process, and save their team time in the process.



Return On Investment


In Sales

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What Our Clients Say About Us:

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from some of the clients we’ve helped achieve massive results online.

Thomas takes great care of his clients and partners.  He helped promote my first online products.  He was by my side at every step and any question you can think of he could answer… we did $128,000 in sales in under 2 weeks. Roberto Shiniashiki

Editora Gente, 20x Bestseller, 9M books sold, 4th largest publisher in Brazil

I thought I knew what it took to film videos and get my message out there…this is just a whole other level. As soon as I launched, I had a 100% conversion rate to my offer for every single person who entered my funnel! Lesley Edwards

Mars Venus Performance Coaching, Decorated Relationship Coach

We had a few automated sequences that were doing ok… But when we implemented this funnel the ROI blasted out of the water… within a month’s time with that funnel we did over $800,000 in sales! I would encourage you to take this man seriously. Kevin Porter

ESF, Online English As A Second Language School

eRational put together a powerful funnel that generated over twenty highly targetted, qualified appointments in the first day that we launched. Their team was fast, efficient and professional. I strongly recommend them. Mike Warren

Business Mastery University, Mergers & Acquisition Expert

If you’re ready to see what a well-executed funnel could do for your business, book a call with us, and let’s get started.