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We pride ourselves on hiring high performers who deliver their best to you on a consistent basis. Our staff is committed to getting you a great result every time.

Thomas Le Maguer

Thomas Le Maguer


Thomas is eRational Marketing’s co-founder. He’s our company’s head strategist and marketing visionary. As a founder of 4 companies, father of 4 boys, he’s a leader that pushes our team and our clients to be the best they can be. He swears by mediation, physical fitness, proper eating and discipline to achieve any dream.

Something you’d never know about me:
I’m a professional pianist.
If I wasn’t a marketing freak, I’d be:
A ninja.
Biggest pet peeve:
People who chew with their mouth open.

Nicole Le Maguer

Nicole Le Maguer

Co-Founder and CFO

Nicole is eRational Marketing’s co-founder. Apart from steering Thomas out of trouble and setting up the company’s biggest marketing deals, she ensures the company’s financials are strong. Mother of 4 (5 if we include Thomas here), marathon runner, human rights activist and motivational speaker, Nicole’s take on life is “Go big or go home.”

Something you’d never expect from me:
I have 4 kids…
What’s your hidden talent:
I turn crazy situations into adventures to remember.
Nicole’s approach:
Fear is not a reason not to do something, it is a motivator to jump in and conquer.


Rob Provenzano

Rob Provenzano

Director of Operations / Director of Marketing

Rob’s educational background is in Information Technology as well as Accounting/Corporate Finance.  Starting as a systems analyst, then project manager, and finally an IT Director for a Fortune 500 Financial Company, Rob specialized in delivering million dollar information systems solutions. Rob then made a career transition into small business consulting and event production.  This allowed him to combine his passion for personal development with his business background. For the next several years Rob helped launch and/or grow several organizations across North America including a seminar production company and a membership based real estate training organization.

If  i had a superpower, what would it be?
Cloning myself to get more done in less time.
Most people don’t believe: 
I’m actually an introvert and love my alone time.

My hidden talent is:

Breaking major goals down to specific tasks – in my head.

Nick Longo

Nick Longo

Director of Marketing Automation

Nick is the Director of Marketing Automation for eRational. Originally a copywriter, he evolved into a Digital Marketing strategist with a focus on Marketing Automation. Over time, he became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and even instructed a portion of the Certified Partner training course when it was held in Toronto. In his spare time Nick enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, golf (though he can’t putt), hockey (though he can’t skate) and snowboarding (though he tends to do part of each run on his back).

If you weren’t a marketer, you’d be:
A writer for Marvel Comics – my living room is covered in posters
Something we’d never know about you:
While my parents are professional singers, my voice is, as my mother says “a travesty.”
Biggest pet peeve:
People who use “your” in place of “you’re” or “there” in place of “their”

Edgar Lebel

Edgar Lebel

Head Developer

Edgar is a veteran programmer and web developer.
During his 20 year career he has had a huge range of experience in many situations and technologies. It’s his job to make sure that websites are running correctly and efficiently.  He also deals with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of web page creation.

Craziest thing I’ve done:
Sewed Ricky Martin patches on my pants.
Most exotic place I have lived: 

The Annex
Secret hidden talent:


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