Automated Marketing

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Automated Marketing is one of the most important aspects of small business productivity. So many successful small businesses get stuck in their growth trajectories because they don’t have the necessary tools to support them in this growth. What is Marketing Automation? Why is Automated Marketing important? Let's see...

Automated Marketing

3 Things you NEED to Grow Your Business AND Free Up Your Time

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Does this Sound Familiar?

  • Repetitive, and tedious, processes are done manually... over and over and over.

  • You have too many tasks to accomplish and your list keeps geting bigger not smaller.

  • Low-yielding, but essential, administrative tasks take up a huge amount of your time.

  • Follow up and client engagement strategies are being done on a one-off basis.

Don’t worry, we’ve been there and we know how it feels. The issue is that when our businesses get to that point of success, money is coming in but time is extremely limited and it’s hard to justify taking any time away from a process that is producing results.

But are these the results that you wanted in the first place?

That’s where we got our fateful "aha" moment:

It's time to get this business working for me and not me for it!

We searched high a low for a solution and discovered the amazing power of Automated Marketing. We jumped into a our mad scientist labratory and created our lovable automated marketing robots.

So, what exactly is automated marketing?

Automated marketing is simply a series of tried & true steps that we take to make your business more efficient and profitable. We know that you don’t have time to learn jargon — you care about what works and how it can help your business succeed. Click on the images below to learn more about how each step in the automated marketing process can empower your business. If anything is unclear, please contact us. We are always happy to help you.

The 9 Steps of the Marketing Lifecycle

1. Traffic

When we talk about traffic, we're simply talking about the people who visit your business, virtually or physically. These people are all potential customers, but some have more potential than others. When we're "generating traffic" for your business, we have to think both about the number of people that we're bringing to your company and the liklihood that they'll be interested in your product.

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2. Lead Capture

When someone first shows up on your website, we have no idea who they are. This makes it impossible to give them a customized exprience and make sure that they’re only seeing the information that they care about. Lead Capture is just a technical term for finding out who this person is so that we can provide them with a positive experience and continue to market to them.

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3. Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something that will attract and entice people to provide you with their information. So it’s then our job to find out what your customers find really valuable so that they would be willing to trade their information in exchange for your awesome offer. The Marketing Strategies for Small Business free video series offered on our home page is a great example of a Lead Magnet.

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4. CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management (System). At its most basic level, a CRM is a piece of software that helps you stay organized. It does this by keeping all your customer information in once place. Things like notes from phone calls, the content of your emails, contact forms for special offers, etc.

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5. Campaign & Promotions

When Nike puts the latest sports star in a bunch of ads, to link the idea of Nike with athleticism — that's a campaign. When the bakery down the street offers free mini cup cakes to passersby to get the word out about how delicious their baking is — you guessed it, that's a campaign too (and a promotion). A campaign is basically any strategy that we use to get people to accomplish a specific goal.

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6. Selling & Upselling

You sell awesome products. Whether they’re physical, digital, or service based, it is possible to setup a system that lets your customers purchase your products online, without any waiting, and you can accept payment from them automatically. This is great for your customers, it’s fast and easy — and that’s great for you because the less issues people have in paying the more sales you’re going to make. Plus, think of how much time you spend handling invoices, sales, shipping, and recommending other products or services to customers. Automation eliminates all of that overhead.

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7. Deliver

Whether you sell a service, digital goods, or physical goods — once someone buys your product, it needs to be delivered. The delivery mechanism will change depending on the product but all of it can be automated. Even physical products!

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8. Nurture

When a person decides to give your company their business, it’s important to take care of them. This keeps your relationship not only in tact, but growing; building trust and memorability over time. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to send people regular, valuable updates. Much of the work involved in doing this can be automated.

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9. Referrals

Referrals or "word of mouth" is a key part of growing any business. The secret that no one tells you though, is that you can ask for people's references. There are a lot of brilliant ways to get people to refer your business to other people, and most of them can be complately automated.

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These 9 Steps are designed to free up your time from these low yielding and time consuming tasks. Then you can focus on creating, developing new products, training staff, and taking well earned vacations — when you grow your business while reducing your direct involvement in its day to day grind, you free yourself up to bring your full value to bare.

When you review each of the steps, you’ll find some areas that you’re great at, and others where you are probably struggling with. To help small businesses with this very common problem, we have offer a range of Strategic Plans which capitalize on what you’re already awesome at, while addressing the weaknesses in your company’s processes.

Our Automated Marketing Servics

eRational's approach to Automated Marketing is to cater our strategies specifically to you and your business' needs.

You Bring the Processes, We Build the Automation

If you already have your processes all figured out and simply need help to get them automated, we have our Basic Automated Marketing Packages. There, you pay based on the number of processes that you want automated. The more you automate, the cheaper it gets — and the more time you save!

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We Build Your Strategy & Automation

If you’re looking at the 9 steps of the Marketing Lifecycle above and realize you have some holes, we can help you plug them with our Business Automation Plan. In this plan, we also help you figure out some administrative, operational, or sales procedures that can help your business be more efficient through automation. We also leverage your strengths in this plan by getting automation to support your currently successful practices.

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We Take Care of Everything

Now if you really want to take things to the next level when it comes to marketing strategy, getting your prospects to do what you want and get serious in terms of getting automation to work HARD and PROFITABLY for you, then you want our Business Automation Strategy and Automation. We split things up into 3 Stages of implementation that each deal with a different Stage of the of the marketing cycle.

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Tell me more!

We're a full-service marketing agency. If you're too busy or just not interested in doing any of these steps yourself, we can take care of everything for you. A typical full-service plan includes developing both your Strategy and your Automation with strategic copy.

Our Three Stages of Strategy Development

Stage 1 Strategy

Taking a potential customer from simply being aware of your product through to actually wanting to make a purchase, is a process that takes some planning. A key element of this strategy is based on the value found in creating long term relationships with first-time visitors to your site. The industry term for the process is a “lead capture strategy”. We typically start by offering engaging content to your visitors (e.g. videos, articles, blog posts, courses, compelling free offers, etc). This builds your authority, trust, and keeps people coming back for more information — all the while helping you learn more about your customers’ needs and interests. We use these free offers in a strategic manner to transition people to your paid product offerings. Seems like a lot? That’s because it is, but we’ll take care of it for you.

Stage 1 is where we develop the in depth strategy for new leads to convert them over to paying clients. The strategy is customized to each business and is meant to be fully automated. Our job is to understand your business and move new leads through your business’ buying cycle so that they buy your product.

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Stage 2 Strategy

Stage 2 refers to post-purchase strategy. We look at your business and see how we can deliver higher value to your clients while extracting more revenue from them. This involves product delivery and fullfillment, upsell strategies and referral strategies to boost your revenues and client satisfaction. once again, the whole strategy is customized to your business and it’s unique product/service lines.

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Stage 3 Strategy

This is where the strategies for long term nurturing and cross-selling are created for your business. Alot of business is left on the table because leads are improperly followed up with if they don’t purchase the initially intended product. Keeping your company engaged with these leads and providing good long term value to both your clients and leads is crucial to increasing revenues from existing assets. This is the purpose of Stage 3 Strategy.

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3 Things you NEED to Grow Your Business AND Free Up Your Time

Learn How: FREE Three-Part Video Course

Automated Marketing with Tailored Copy

Once the strategy has been created, we build the automation in InfusionSoft to execute it so that everything happens on autopilot. The technology, the logic, the timers, the tasks — everything you need to make it do what you NEED it to do, is what WE do for YOU with these packages. Appropriately, we have Automation with Tailored Copy for each of the 3 stages. You get both:

1. Custom high level automation built to execute your unique strategy

Here's a sample of what a simple automated sequence might look like. Automated Marketing

Within each sequence, custom automated sequences are built to your specifications. Here's what that would look like:

Automated Marketing

2. Custom copy for all email templates included within the automation sequence.

When people love your offer, they’re happy to sign up to get it. Now you have to deliver the free goods and the messenger will often be email (from there you can take them to video, music, another site, etc). We create the templates necessary to get people to go where you want them to. The reality is people have to take some steps to get to your content. They have to sign up, read the subject line of your email, open it, click the link in the email, and visit the download page. Without successfully delivering your awesome content, no one will see it. So the proper creation of these templates is a crucial step in engaging your users.

As you can see, the Business Automation Plan with the Automation and Strategic Copy is a no nonsense approach to marketing automation. Beware: there’s no turning back when you implement this type of robust automated marketing platform for your business!

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