Our Team

We pride ourselves on hiring high performers who deliver their best to you on a consistent basis. Our staff is committed to getting you a great result every time. Leverage our arsenal of strategists, copywriters, designers, videographers and automation experts to make your next marketing project a success.

Thomas Le Maguer


Thomas is eRational Marketing’s co-founder. He’s our company’s head strategist and marketing visionary. As a founder of 4 companies, father of 4 boys, he’s a leader that pushes our team and our clients to be the best they can be. He swears by mediation, physical fitness, proper eating and discipline to achieve any dream.

Nicole Le Maguer

Co-Founder and CFO

Nicole is eRational Marketing’s co-founder. Apart from steering Thomas out of trouble and setting up the company’s biggest marketing deals, she ensures the company’s financials are strong. Mother of 4 (5 if we include Thomas here), marathon runner, human rights activist and motivational speaker, Nicole’s take on life is “Go big or go home.

Nikola Leger

President and COO

Nik Leger spent the better part of the last decade as a senior product director building digital marketing solutions for local businesses. With a solid background in sales management, operations, and entrepreneurship, he combines people, process, and technology to empower small businesses to keep up with technology and overcome complexity. His role is to make sure that our product portfolio stays aligned with the market and fuels a highly viable and scalable business model in order to sustain massive growth, make a true difference and deliver undeniable value for our clients.

Rob Provenzano

Vice President & CIO

Rob brings over 30 years experience designing and delivering business automation solutions to multiple market verticals. From market analysis to business process analysis, solution design to implementation and optimisation, Rob has managed projects with budgets of over $1 million delivering ROI’s of over 150% in the first year alone. 

Camilla Caban

Front-end Design & Marketing Automation Specialist

With a background in business management, Camilla Caban is the founder and partner of several successful startups. Camilla’s background and specialty lies in providing solutions that help businesses accelerate through strategy, creativity, and open source platforms. If she’s not helping businesses reach their goals, Camilla keeps busy with one of her other ventures, helping couples and clients style and design weddings and events. Whether it comes to web design, marketing or events, it’s all in the details. Camilla also manages her dog’s successful Instagram account with almost 5,000 followers and counting.

Edgar LeBel

Head Developer

Edgar is a veteran programmer and web developer. During his 20 year career he has had a huge range of experience in many situations and technologies. It’s his job to make sure that websites are running correctly and efficiently.  He also deals with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of web page creation.

Asif Habib

Senior Web & Graphic Designer

Asif completed his studies in computer science from UCP and also has a background in design. His passion of the arts and sketching as a child has allowed him to focus on the little details. Asif is a family man with a toddler running around at home. When he is not working at home on his spare time he loves to play Cricket and works out daily as he believes in a healthy lifestyle.

Gabriela Loureiro

Executive Assistant

Gabriela is the Office Manager and Executive Assistant to CEO and Founder, Thomas Le Maguer. She developed her Marketing, Strategy, and Customer Experience skills as a consultant in the Financial, IT, and TELECOM industries, allowing her to bring value to the company and to assist Thomas, our partners, and our customers in an efficient way. Even so, she considers her greatest triumph “being a pretty cool and dedicated professional.”

Daryl Reyes

Videographer & Editor

Daryl is our in-house videographer and editor.   His passion for the arts and music has allowed for his creative career to lead him into  film making.  He graduated at the top of his class with honours in Broadcasting and Film. He was recognized with the Deans Award for entrepreneurship and innovation in his first year. By night you can find him combining his passion for film and dance by B-boying on the city streets and filming Toronto’s nightlife.

Anjie Damasco

LinkedIn Outbound Specialist

Anjie is an expert in helping clients schedule appointments, process orders through phone, answer incoming calls and do follow-up calls to improve customer experience. He leverages his years of experience in B2B & B2C outbound telemarketing calls, to generate leads and convert sales for eRational and their clients. He is driven to ensure a positive customer experience in all of his interactions with potential clients.

John Amora

Inbound Marketing Manager

John’s passion is to help clients in growing their business and leverage their time more effectively, by building processes that allow them to offload the heavy workload that drains their productivity.John believes maintaining a strong corporate culture is critical, as working relationships affect the entire company’s development.Trust and communication is a must for John, and works to ensure transparency between our team, and our clients while producing efficient and effective results.

Ledea Lyn Salud

LinkedIn Outbound Specialist

Driven by her passion for call handling and appointment setting, Ledea takes pride in providing the best quality and service possible. One of her goals is ensuring quality of service to be always at its highest. She began in the industry as a Market Research Interviewer. Outside of the office you can find her in some corner with her nose in the book or failing to hit the notes from her playlist. While her speaking engagements have taken her to a brighter side of the world, Ledea is proud to call Invert a home.

Omar Buscato

LinkedIn Marketing Expert

Omar studied computer technology, and has used it extensively over the last 2 years as a LinkedIn Marketing expert. He is also a proud father of 1, who loves to play with his son, who is the driving force in everything he does. He also loves to read in his free time.Omar’s main goal is to be a good father, and raise his child the way he was raised by his own parents.

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