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We Empower Small Businesses to WIN Because They Matter

Small businesses drive the world, most fail. We can change that.

At eRational Marketing, we know how hard it is to succeed and we’re here to bring entrepreneurial dreams to life. We help you achieve exponential growth over time by executing proven growth strategies so you can focus on what YOU do best.

So How Do We Help you?

Then We Bring the Best People, Processes and Technologies to Make You Grow

Step 1

Growth Discovery Call

We have to learn more about you, your goals, your needs and your business. During this call, we determine which growth systems can produce results for you. We have 1 goal during this 30 minute call: Can we WIN for you?

Step 2

Growth System Roadmap + Blueprint

We share with you the different systems that could apply to your business and estimate their impact on your business. We create your marketing system blueprint, map your sales process and product lines and finally do ROI and lead generation projections to determine what kind of demand will be needed to make you win.

Step 3

Create Your Strategic Plan

We then collaborate to map the marketing plan, sales plan, technology roadmap, timelines, roles, responsibilities and training requirements. This sets our collaboration up for success as our teams integrate and charge ahead on a united front.

Step 4

Train and Deploy

We always train our clients in the elements of growth that they require. Our philosophy is that the stronger you and your team are, the better we will perform together. Training in sales, marketing, lead generation, video make up elements that you and your team will benefit from while the marketing and growth infrastructure is being built.

Step 5


Your lead generation and growth systems launch and results start coming in. It’s time to celebrate!

Step 6

Virtual CMO: Monthly optimization, strategy and coaching

Your launch is just the beginning. Once data starts coming in from the campaign, our internal strategists and reporting specialists meet with your designated Virtual CMO to discuss how to optimize your strategy around your business’ initiatives. Our Virtual CMOs are ALL experienced business people who have run successful 7+ figure businesses. They will meet with you and your leadership monthly to collaborate on the next month’s strategy and provide strategic consulting to help you grow.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

At eRational Marketing, we know how hard it is to succeed and we’re here to bring entrepreneurial dreams to life. We help you achieve exponential growth over time by executing proven growth strategies so you can focus on what YOU do best.

Purple Moon Creative

Branding Agency

The team at eRational has helped my 6 figure B2B Branding agency to grow over 300% since we started working together 18 months ago. Their video system, lead generation and business strategy have been hugely responsible for this growth.

Eclipse Technology

Infrastructure and Technology Provider

We used eRational’s Event filling system and got 54 c-level executives from Fortune 1000 companies and government to come to our event in under 2 weeks. Their expert marketing execution and positioning of the event helped us generate millions in opportunities.


Fortune 1000 CMO Consulting

The eRational team has been incredible. I had a database of prospects that wasn’t being properly leveraged and our service offering needed optimization. 1 month after working with them we’ve generated hundreds of thousands in opportunities and 50k in passive recurring income. The product, marketing and sales knowledge is incredible.

Land Art Landscape Architects

Urban Design for Developers

Our market is challenging because it’s business to business, very targeted and with multi-year sales cycles. We worked with eRational using their Targeted Lead Generation services and within month we generated many qualified opportunities. I’m happy to say we closed our first deal within 2 months of working with them!

LinkedIn to Leads

B2B Lead Generation Consulting Company

We are working with eRational on our product line and creating an event. In our first event, we converted 100% of the 20 person c-level audience of multi million dollar companies and generated 6 figures in business. The work on the product line has already doubled our company’s profits without increasing our expenses at all. This team is incredible.

Brian Kramer

Fortune 500 CMO Consulting

Something magical happened. My first month’s revenue with ERM was my highest in 2 years, with profit margins higher than my last 5 years!

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