In our last few posts, we explored how to set your business up for success in a virtual environment. 

Now that you’ve had a chance to transition your team to remote work, the question becomes…

…how can you add VALUE for your clients while working in a virtual setting?

How can you make sure your clients are supported in their time of need?

Working in a virtual environment presents a number of challenges in terms of delivery and client success. With limited face-to-face interactions, communication and collaboration are now hurdles that many businesses face. 

We want to help. That’s why we’re sharing four strategies we use to deliver increased value while working in a virtual environment: 

1. Weekly One-on-One Sessions with EVERY Client

The shake-up as a result of COVID-19 has forced virtually every business owner to re-examine their needs.

To survive this crisis, each business needs a plan on how to navigate this new reality. 

But, before you can help them, you need to truly understand their evolving needs in this new economic landscape. 

Some clients are scared. 

Some are at risk of closing their doors. 

Some are completely lost and need a leader to guide them through this crisis. 

That’s why the first thing our team did when the pandemic hit was book weekly one-on-one sessions with EVERY client. 

You can’t help your clients if you don’t understand their pains. These weekly meetings are a touch-point that gives you face-to-face time (we hold our meetings through Zoom) with each individual client. 

This lets you gain insight into their unique situation. 

With this clarity and visibility, you can work with them to create a plan that addresses their top pain points. 

Sometimes, these pains are more personal than professional. If that’s the case, your clients simply need someone to support them — this is where empathy and heart are invaluable.

With that in mind, these meetings add a personal touch to each client relationship. When working in a virtual environment, those who fail to add this personal touch are the first to be discarded when times get tough. 

By putting in face-time with each client on a weekly basis, you can consistently remind them of the value you bring to the table — this helps solidify your position as a Thought Leader in your space. 

2. Group Sessions with Clients & Subject Matter Experts

While personal sessions are great for understanding each client’s unique needs, group sessions are meant for collaboration and problem-solving

Once you have booked one-on-ones with your clients and have a better understanding of their needs, you can organize group sessions focused on similar pain points.

These sessions can be filtered by industry, business size, or common pain points. 

The goal is to bring together multiple clients, team members, and subject matter experts (in a virtual environment) to co-create solutions to their most pressing issues. 

Often, these sessions illuminate pain points and solutions you didn’t even know existed.

We’re better together — that’s one of our core values, and something we truly believe. 

As my colleague Trevor Turnbull says: “Forget about hoarding your knowledge, expertise, and industry secrets — just give it all away.” 

These sessions are about sharing your insights for the betterment of your community. The goal is to get the brightest minds together in the same virtual environment so we can each share best-practices to help support each other. 

That’s how you add value for your clients and prospects in times of crisis. 

Learn all about Trevor’s approach here

3. Webinars on Relevant Topics

In our most recent post, we explored how to add value through online webinars

These events give you the chance to explore topics or pain points that are relevant to a wider audience compared to smaller group sessions. 

However, they also offer similar collaboration opportunities, allowing experts in the space to co-create solutions and share industry insights. 

The key is to bring in other speakers and industry experts who can complement your service — ones who can add critical insights or specialized advice beyond the scope of your offering.

As a business owner facing similar challenges, this kind of presentation is valuable

By collaborating with industry experts, guest speakers, and other prominent figures in the space, you can also expand your reach and speak to a new audience. 

This presents a number of opportunities for partnerships and cross-selling to other speakers’ networks in the future. At the very least, it will help solidify your position as an authority and Thought Leader in the minds’ of every attendee. 

In this way, webinars are a win-win for everyone who attends.  

4. Social Content

Finally, one of the most powerful ways to add value in a virtual environment is through creating social content. 

In 2020, content marketing generates 3 times more leads than paid search advertising. 

During times like these when everyone is cutting their spending, delivering value up front through social content can be the most efficient way to bring new people into your world.

From blog posts and long-form articles to short video recordings, this content can come in many different forms. 

The goal is to create relevant content structured around the needs of your audience. By identifying their top pain points and exploring them in detailed social content, you can educate and nurture the prospect on your solution. 

Now, it is crucial that this content is released with speed and efficiency. 

Your clients and prospects need help RIGHT NOW…

…so uploading a post or video about the topic three weeks from now is essentially useless to them. 

With that in mind, how do you get your content in front of them in a timely manner? 

Just release it! 

Have an idea that will help them? Share it.

Did you go on a rant about problems in your industry? Record it and post it on your socials.

Maybe an interesting discussion came up in your group session? Build a blog post around it.

Don’t worry about creating polished, perfectly-edited and post-produced content. If you wait for it to be perfect, you’ll NEVER post anything. 

Those who are consuming your content care more about your ideas than your production value. 

Just get your ideas out there in a clear, concise, and accessible manner. 

For more details on this approach, check out our post on content marketing.

Once prospects understand their pains and are ready to move forward, business owners who create powerful, consistent content will be top-of-mind. 


Adding value in a virtual environment can be overwhelming, especially for owners who are already struggling with a lack of bandwidth. If you have any questions about how to do this, drop them in the comments. 

For those looking for more support through this crisis, we’re here to help. 

Book a Growth Support Call with our team below.