In these last few articles, we have been focusing our attention on how you can optimize your sales process by shifting some of the responsibility to other members of your team.

There are also opportunities to add a “silent salesperson” to support your team. Today we’ll be digging into 3 ways you can use automation as a sales support tool.

3) Automated Content Delivery Sequences

The first opportunity for you to optimize your sales process by adding in layers of automation is content marketing and nurture sequences. This can help you address the people who are interested in what you have to offer, but aren’t quite ready to commit to speaking to your sales team at this point.

Too often, we spend our time chasing down leads that won’t go anywhere. We handle the same objections and field emails with the same questions over and over again.

But one thing that you can do is create targeted content to address the questions that you know buyers will have from you at some point in the journey. You can then set them up in automated “drip” sequences to share timely insights with leads.

It’s critical that you send good, informative content, so you’re able to provide value, without appearing pushy. 

Chances are, at a certain point, your leads will realize these drips are automated. But if the information is good, and aimed at helping rather than selling, you’ll be able to keep their attention and interest throughout the process, and avoid them going “ad-blind” to your messages. 

There are also two other strategic advantages of this content:

  • Leads are exposed to your team on a consistent basis, allowing you to earn their trust, credibility and respect. They start to associate you with “having the answers they need” even before they know they need it.


  • You allow yourself to stay top-of-mind without investing human resources into outreach. This means that when your prospect has an opening in their calendar, or pressure comes down from above to act on a solution, you’re right there waiting for them.

2) Automated Appointment Booking & Reminders

If you’ve ever been the one to field discovery calls (the first scheduled interaction leads have with your company) you know the frustration that comes from someone no-showing an appointment.

We recommend that you use systems like Calendly, ScheduleOnce, Appointmentcore or vCita to schedule your meetings. First and foremost, you can avoid the back-and-forth headaches of “does this time work for you?” “no,” “ok, how about this time?” Instead, your leads can easily view your calendar’s availability, and find a time that works for them.

But even more importantly, these systems all have built-in appointment confirmations and reminders. When configured properly, the appointment is automatically placed in the client’s calendar, and you can send them emails in days leading up to the meeting, reminding them of the appointment.

The best thing to do with these emails is reinforce why they need the meeting, and what value they’ll get out of meeting with you.

You might be surprised to hear that these automated reminder sequences have boosted show-up rates by 20-40%!

We actually encourage our clients to shoot a video, to be delivered in the confirmation emails, that introduces them to who they’ll be meeting with, what you’ll be covering, and what they can do to come prepared.

This can remind them of the value of the session, drive up your show rates, and help you maximize your sales team’s time.

1) Follow up & rebooking sequences on the back end

You might be thinking – “yeah that’s all well and good, but what do I do if the lead doesn’t show up?”

We’re glad you asked.

Instead of hiring a sales support team member for your team, to chase down leads who don’t show up, consider using an automated follow up sequence.

We recommend that you build a form that triggers a sequence in your automation system, which your sales team can fill out at the end of each call. If the call goes well, you’ll likely want to manage the response manually. However, if you can’t get a hold of them or you got cut off early, take the hassle of rescheduling off of your team’s plate.

Chances are you’ll send some variation of the same thing to everyone who doesn’t show up. Program a sequence to drive them BACK to your automated booking system, and save your team the trouble.

Best of all, you can add more content to showcase the value again – more than likely they didn’t show up because they didn’t get the value of meeting with you… this is your opportunity to change that.

One critical advantage – leads who reschedule the appointment almost always show up for the next one.


    So let us know! Have you tried any of these, above? Which have worked best for you? What tips and tricks are you using to automate your sales that we’ve missed? 

    And, if you want to get help implementing custom automation into your sales process, don’t hesitate to reach out!