Growth Accelerator Program

This program is designed to help service-providing companies that sell Business to Business to build a unique brand positioning in the market, build a scalable lead generation infrastructure and generate predictable revenues for years to come.

How does the program work?

The program is structured in 6 core modules that span 90 days (12 weeks) so that by the end of this intensive 90 day program, you and your team are fully trained in the necessary lead generation skills and how to build your entire supporting infrastructure.  



Customer Profile and Value Proposition

During this stage, we work with you using the Customer Profile Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas to identify the ideal target customer profile and the Unique Selling Proposition your solution has in the market.  This helps us determine your unique benefit points and communication strategy for your Scalable Growth Machine.


Your Strategic Plan

From there, we help you analyze and map your different business processes in sales, marketing and product delivery if necessary.  We will also help you audit your marketing and technology to make sure you have everything you need to win and that gaps in current systems are addressed.  Finally, we create a customized version 1 Growth Strategy for your business along with a deployment schedule and timeline to bring it to life.




Prep for Outbound Testing – Minimum Viable Marketing Infrastructure

 The biggest mistake businesses make from the over 350 we’re worked with is building intricate, complex and expensive marketing infrastructure BEFORE testing the Message to Market Match.  The third stage of the Growth Accelerator is to build V1 messages for both Cold Email and Linkedin Messaging so you can quickly test your Value Proposition and Benefit Points determined in Stage 1.  We also work on a couple case studies that can help tell your product story through the lens of your customer.


Outbound Prospecting Launch – Market Resonance

You will build a customized target list of 300-400 of your ideal target market by using our different proprietary databases or LinkedIn.  We set the campaign up for launch within your email and LinkedIn software with the copy created in Stage 2 so you can begin testing the market with your messaging.

We also work together to craft a discovery call script outline for your team to use for its sales success. The discovery call is the first step of your sales process and we help you build a solid v1 from our experience.





Marketing Infrastructure and Content Build Out

 Now that your Market to Message Match is validated, you can proceed to build out your V1 Marketing Infrastructure.  This includes your landing page, sales page, and automation copy. Our team will handle the custom design of your pages, your technology setup and all necessary infrastructure and integrations needed for you to grow and win.


Launch, Review and Plan V2

You press GO, launch your machine and watch the results.  Once your lead generation machine has launched, you meet with your client success manager and your trainer mid-month for your first Strategic Alignment Call that ensures you have visibility on your results and you know how to optimize your strategy based on current data.

Together, we identify the next wave optimization and determine what strategies should be further tested and which ones should be eliminated.  This leads to a version 2 plan that will become the next stage of your scalable growth.



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