Video Content Marketing


Our team will work with you to create compelling video content to market directly to your target audience. This content will educate and nurture leads from your established mailing list, eventually encouraging them to convert when they are ready.

We work with you to outline, rehearse, and shoot the video content. From there, we build all of the supporting infrastructure for you. This includes copy, emails, web pages, conversion points, and automated infrastructure.

This system is designed to produce qualified leads who are ready to buy:

Video engagement
rates of 35-50%

Click through rates
of ~10%

Video engagement rates
of 35-50%

Connections to Fundraisers

Whether you have already completed your ICO or not, showcasing your prototype or finished product to potential users, partners, and investors is key. We work with you to put the right people in the room to understand your vision and let you mass-convert them.

How do we fill your events?

Our team will identify the best lead sources for you and drive targeted leads into proven automated systems that increase both registration and show-up rates. We will then work with you to craft a message and presentation that will resonate with your target audience.


This system consistently drives around 50 C-level attendees into executive roundtables, and it can drive even more interested leads into larger conferences and seminars.

Referral Engagement Campaigns

Once you have established yourself in the minds of investors and partners, you must make it easy for them to drive business to you. Our automated campaigns increase the likelihood and frequency with which your partners recommend you to other potential stakeholders.

How does the referral process work?

We coordinate systems that encourage your network to refer the right people to you, priming them to take action automatically and tracking the results. Your partners and investors are then rewarded for their referrals.

Does it work?

This method has proven to be successful in the crypto space. In fact, it has shown to increase the likelihood of referral by up to 300%! Together, we create a powerful incentive program that will attract your customers, partners, and friends to introduce you to the right people. Once that’s done, we set up all of the infrastructure required to make it easy for them to make referrals.

Paid Advertising

Once your cryptocurrency has launched, drive the use of your product with pay-per-click campaigns. Using a wide range of pay-per-click strategies, we generate interested, top-of-funnel leads and drive them to a conversion point.

The Benefits of Specific Targeting

Depending on your industry, we can drive clicks, conversions, and sales of a product on a wide range of channels, ensuring the right people see the right message. Typically done in conjunction with authority-building content, we work with you to find targeted search terms and drive your target audience to your message.

The Results

Paid advertising – especially with precision targeting – will increase the exposure of your product while attracting users from your target market.

Targeted Email Campaigns

With a series of targeted email campaigns, we will reach out to potential investors and partners to increase the exposure of your product.

What’s in it for them?

We incentivize top industry influencers in your market to represent your brand on social channels. The influencer will showcase your product to their network, ensuring the content reaches your target audience from a source they trust. In this way, your association with celebrities in your industry will drive their network to your content.

Social Conversations

Building a brand is all about creating a community around your product. We use multiple highly-targeted methodologies to create conversations with prospects using a wide range of social media channels.

Sparking User Engagement

Once we understand where and how to effectively engage with your target audience, we create messaging conversations that are designed to convert. We call these “convert-sations.” Our marketing team will craft effective messaging content, communicate with leads on your behalf, and drive only the hottest leads to your sales team. We take on all of your direct-to-user marketing, so your team can focus more on your core competencies.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Source the right people to use your product and deliver engaging content straight to their inbox. Using your own lead lists, affiliate’s lists, or purchased lists, we find the right audience and drive content that engages them with your brand. Our outreach team will work with you to determine the best place to find qualified leads.

What is the process?

We distribute your message with our automated system and drip content to the prospect over time. This will educate and nurture prospects until they are ready to buy. It will also send traffic to your content and generate appointments for interested leads. We will follow up with calls to prospects who are interested, ensuring only the most qualified and ready-to-buy leads reach your sales team.

Community Management

Effective social media marketing is a complex and time-consuming task for any company. Our team can remove the burden of digital marketing from your staff, allowing you to focus on your core skills.

Strengthening Your Brand with Social Media

We will manage your social media pages and drive engagement for you. This includes posting on your pages, responding to questions and queries, and pushing your content. By creating an active community focused around your product, you will strengthen your brand within your target market.

Conversion-Focused Pages

After the launch of your product, your online presence needs to be updated to reflect your status. Rather than focusing on investors, you must turn the bulk of your marketing efforts towards users, partners, and your target market. Our marketing team will help you make this transition. We provide insights into how to showcase your project in a positive way after your ICO is complete. By establishing your company as thought-leaders in the industry, you can create organic growth within your community, which will lead to increased exposure and more users.