The #1 CRM Training For In-House Marketing Managers

Are you finding that your team is having a hard time keeping up with the pace of business? That your leads are slipping through the cracks simply because you don’t have enough time to keep on top of them all? Adopting a CRM system that can automatically keep in touch with your leads, nurturing and converting them so you can focus on what matters. But implementing a system like this is only possible if you’ve got someone on your team who knows how to use it, which is why you may want to consider Infusionsoft training.

Infusionsoft is a truly incredible system. It automatically pivots and adapts to your customers’ specific interests and needs, so that your team can present them with information that is relevant and targeted. For example, if you’re a realtor, and a lead has expressed they’re interested in buying their first home, you wouldn’t try to pitch them on why you’re the best person to sell their home for them.

What is InfusionSoft?

Infusionsoft is one of the top CRM systems on the market for small and medium businesses. Investing in Infusionsoft training so you can automate some of your marketing, sales and fulfillment systems can take some of the pressure off of your team, and help drive your bottom line.

However, at the end of the day, a software is only as effective as the person who is managing it. Having someone on your team who is highly skilled, and has taken formal Infusionsoft training is critical to making this system work for your business.

Putting one of your team members through a comprehensive Infusionsoft training program will mean they are able to build campaigns that automatically communicate with your clients along every stage of the sales pipeline.

Infusionsoft Training Module 1 – Attract

In our digital economy, many of your clients’ first impression of you will be your website. They will engage with you a number of different times before purchasing, and in many cases will engage with your brand dozens of times before interacting with a live person.

One of the best ways you can communicate with your leads is to provide valuable content in the form of drip email campaigns. Training your team in how to effectively generate this content is crucial to digital marketing success.

In this module of training, your employee will learn how to:


Write effective website copy that effectively communicates your brand message and entices the prospect to share their contact data with you. This can take the form of website page copy, blog posts, ebooks and social media campaigns to drive new leads into your bucket organically.


Generate effective email marketing campaigns that help you stay top-of-mind with your leads, so that when they’re ready to buy, they come to you.


Set up lead conversion campaigns using the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder with goals and effective “decision diamonds” that allows a “choose your own adventure” style of marketing. After this intensive Infusionsoft training, your team will know how to set up the campaign so that it automatically adjusts on the fly to your leads’ engagement. If they are becoming “warmer” by engaging in your information more frequently, you can send them additional offers or create tasks for your team to manually follow up.

Infusionsoft Training Module 2 – Sell

Do you know what the two biggest problems people have with sales people? Either they follow up too often, or not frequently enough. This Infusionsoft training module is set up to help your team break down and automate your sales pipeline.

What does it take for you to nurture a prospect into a sale? In most businesses, clients require over a dozen points of interaction with a brand before they will purchase.

Take a step back and think about the big picture for a moment. Are there steps along the sales pipeline you could automate?  Is there a standard email you send after an initial phone consult? Do you have a general timeline on when you circle back to follow up with “cool” leads? If so, your employee can set up trigger point campaigns that keep your sales team in check. They don’t need to remember to call a lead a week after their last conversation. The system will remember for them, and prompt the sales rep to pick up the phone.

Appointment Core

Best of all, we’ll interoduce your team to Appointmentcore, an advanced appointment booking system that allows leads to select their own appointment from your google calendar. It is crucial for businesses who need to speak with their leads on the phone or in person prior to a conversion, because leads are six times more likely to book an appointment to speak with you, rather than calling in on the off chance the person they’re looking to speak with might be ready.

By training your team in this automation, you’ll be able to make campaigns that generate an increase in sales for your company, while ensuring every member of your team is using a systematic conversion method to maintain your brand’s integrity. It can even automatically launch upsell and cross-sell campaigns when your clients do pull the trigger, increasing the value of the average customer. You work hard to generate leads – don’t let them slip through the cracks.

Infusionsoft Training Module 3 – Wow

One of the biggest advantages of Infusionsoft training is that your employee will learn how to add an additional layer of “wow” for your converted customers.

Rather than using an Excel spreadsheet to keep tabs on your clients’ birthdays, the system can remember to touch base for you, sending them an email, or pairing with SendOutCards to mail a handwritten note for an extra layer of personal touch. Your team can program it to circle back to customers on their purchase anniversary to ensure they’re still happy with their service, or simply drop a line with a monthly newsletter.

One of the most effective “wow” campaigns your team will learn how to set up is one that will send automated referral prompts. After your customer buys, it will send them an “NPS survey” asking them how satisfied they were with their purchase.

If they were happy with it, the system will automatically send them an invitation to refer a friend in exchange for a discount on their next purchase, or some other incentive.  If they weren’t happy with their purchase, we can create a task for your team to follow up and see what you can do better next time.

Think of the added revenue it would generate if each satisfied customer referred a friend to your business. All you need is Infusionsoft.

Who’s Providing the Infusionsoft Training?

eRational Marketing offers a team of established Infusionsoft Certified Partners who will deliver you a comprehensive training program that’s been battle-tested in almost every imaginable industry.

Led by lead trainer Thomas Le Maguer, eRational specializes in service-based businesses – those which make off events and appointments.  Over the last several years, we’ve helped businesses, through Infusionsoft training and services, to generate over 400,000 leads and over $3 Million in online sales.

Thomas is one of Canada’s leading Infusionsoft Certified Partners, and the only one who specializes exclusively in service-based businesses.

What Does This Infusionsoft Training Program Cost?

Each of the 3 modules of this intensive Infusionsoft Training programs is $6000 per trainee, and is comprised of a combination of recorded training modules and online webinar training. Successful completion of this course requires at minimum 2 modules. Each module will take approximately a month to complete, and includes practical assignments where your team will be challenged to create campaigns that your business can put into place right away.

There is also an examination fee of $500, where our team will work with you to go through the campaigns that your team has built, identify if they have been set up properly, and walk your team through how to interact with the system to make sure you make it work for your business.

Upon completion of this 1 – 2 hour practical examination via webinar, we will issue your employee an “Taming Infusionsoft” Certification.

This investment in your employee may seem to be a lot, but consider this – how much business are you losing if you don’t?

And here’s the best part: you may qualify to have up to 83% of the total cost of training reimbursed to you by the Canadian Government.

If you’re a registered business with an employee on CPP & EI, the government is willing to invest in your employee’s skills. Why? Because a skilled workforce is essential to a strong economy. Book a consultation with our team to learn more and see if you qualify for up to $10,000 per employee in grant funding.