Finally, Pre-Targeted C-Level Relationships… On Demand

Quality Relationships Drive Business.

We Bring Those Relationships To You At Will

Need more quality relationships?
What is Pre-Targeted Demand Generation?
Pre-Targeted Demand Generation is based on the premise that quality in, quality out.  We pre-target the few that will enter the system, and then using a mix of marketing and technology generate demand of only those who are interested TODAY.
How to Get More of the RIGHT Clients Delivered to You?
This is the problem that we hear again and again: you need to connect with more of your ideal clients on a consistent basis.  Lead flow from referrals are sporadic and creates an inconsistent “Feast to Famine” model of business.
You Focus on Build the Relationship… We’ll Start the Conversation
You don’t have a problem converting clients.  When they’re in front of you, many become your clients.  So what if we could deliver pre-targeted relationships that meet your ideal client profile, and you could do what you do best?

Want to See How Pre-Targeted Demand Generation Will Work For You?

How Does Pre-Targeted Demand Generation Work?

Build Your Target List

Everything starts with the ideal client in mind.  The company demographic, the decision maker’s position, the company size and geography (just to name a few) are taken into consideration to build your Initial Target List.

Deploy Authentic Marketing Mix

Authentic marketing is at the core of your demand generation campaign.  A mix of phone, email and thought leadership Linkedin messaging make up your Value-First arsenal to connect with your ideal clients

Convert to a Relationship

When we’re done, the outcomes are the following

  1. An Appointment
  2. An Event Registrant (See our Executive Event-Filling System)
  3. A Video series lead (See our Long Term Value Conversion System)

Do it every month

You want consistency and we’re here to provide you that stability.  Month after month, we continue these efforts, and optimize them for better performance as your Marketing Team so that you can focus on building and converting your relationships into business.

Interested in Getting Targeted Demand Generation Working For You?