Plug The Cracks In Your Sales Funnel Training Program

Can Your Team Identify Where Your Leads Are Slipping Through The Cracks?

From one business owner to another, I want to share with you what I think to be the biggest challenge is in business these days: accountability. As someone who works with a lot of business owners, the most common stumbling block I encounter when doing “Business Blueprints” is that they can’t identify where they are hemorrhaging business. The only thing that they are able to tell is what’s coming in, and what’s going out. They aren’t able to see where their leads are coming from, and where they are dripping out along the way.

This revolutionary sales funnel training program has been specifically designed for sales managers, operations managers, office managers, administrators and marketing managers looking to increase the insight they have over where their department is doing well, and what it can do better.

Here’s what your team will learn:

Sales Funnel Training Module 1 – Build Your Pipeline

Are you ready to build accountability with your team? Do you want a funnel without leaks? Are you tired of having high-quality leads fall off the map simply because your team was too busy to take care of them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re ready to send one of your team members through our Build Your Pipeline training. By creating an automated sales pipeline, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your clients every step of the way.

By attending this Sales Funnel Training module, your team will never forget to touch base with a client again, simply because they won’t have to remember for themselves. The system will automatically remind them to touch base on set “follow up dates,” communicating with both your team and your prospects to promote a conversation, and ultimately, conversions.

We will train your team how to build this campaign and fit it to your company’s personal sales cycle, including how to add additional steps to the process down the road, if you find that you’ve missed something. You can even use the same methodology to add in stages of your fulfillment system that require automation, increasing the ability to deliver a high-quality experience at every step of the pipeline (including up-sells ).

Best of all, this training is not just for your marketing and operations team. Send your sales staff into the course too, so that they can learn how to manage the system, interact with it and make it a more cohesive part of your company’s systems and process because let’s face it: automation only fails when human error gets in the way.

Try the sales funnel training program and see how soon your team could be bringing in more conversions.

Sales Funnel Training Module 2 – Long Term Conversion

In any business, your ability to close a deal relies on being top of mind when your customer is ready to buy whatever it is you sell. Selling to someone who isn’t ready for your offering will not get you far. However, providing valuable content and information about your product or service offering can go a long way towards:

  • Helping someone prepare to make a buying decision by providing the relevant information they’ll need to make an informed choice.
  • Building brand loyalty by establishing yourself as the authority on the subject.
  • Making them more likely to turn to you when the are ready to make a move.

By learning how to develop this nurture sequence, you will be prepared to develop thought-leadership positioning and create a more comprehensive Sales Funnel.

Sales Funnel Training Module 3 – E-Commerce

Let’s face it. The internet isn’t going anywhere. 7.7% of all sales are now being made online, and that number is rising every quarter. If you are in a product-focused business, you have to have an online strategy. Turn your website into an online conversion machine by adopting the eRational Marketing E-Commerce Sales Funnel Training methodology. If you do, your team will learn the answers to the following burning questions:

  • How can we increase the average lifespan of your customer?
  • How can we drive up the percentage of clients that return when they need your product again?
  • Where can I integrate up-sells and cross-sells to develop value of each sale?
  • What steps can we automate to decrease the amount of work it takes for our team to close a deal?
  • What’s the biggest sale I can close online?
  • How can I create subscriptions that produce steady, recurring revenue for the business?

Big-ticket items may not sell online without a phone call or some other touch point that establishes your brand’s credibility, but you will want to turn your website into a product showcase.

Adopting e-commerce could give your business a massive lift this year. If you were to add another means of contributing to your total conversions by giving your customer the ability to buy online, why wouldn’t you?.

What Does The Sales Funnel Training Program Cost?

Each of the 3 modules of this intensive is billed at $600 per trainee. Certification requires that your employee successfully complete a minimum of 2 modules, though you may choose to bundle them with modules from other training certifications if you wish.

Each module takes a month to complete, and includes practical assignments where your team will be challenged to create campaigns in Infusionsoft and demonstrate that they have successfully grasped the training methodology.

There is also an examination fee of $150 per module where our team will examine the campaigns and copy that have been created and ensure they are up to the eRational Marketing standard.

Upon completion of this 1 – 2 hour practical examination via webinar, we will issue your employee an “eRational Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Training Certification.”

Best of all, this program, like all of our training certifications is eligible for funding to offset a large chunk of your investment when you send one of your payroll employees to increase their marketing and sales skills.

Book a consultation with our team to learn more and see if you qualify for up to $10,000 per employee in grant funding.