One of the most important things about eRational Marketing is the fact that we struggled and fought to become a successful small business. Now that we’ve accomplished that goal, we would like to teach you to do the same. To that end, we have developed different marketing processes like an excellent sales funnel specifically designed for companies that provide services and make money off appointments and events.

What is a sales funnel?

It’s always best if you understand the concept before you start using it and that’s why we’re always ready to explain the idea in a clear and concise way when someone asks what a sales funnel is. This is a series of techniques that will maximize your profits and marketing results while minimizing the amount of time and money you need to spend to accomplish that goal.

The history of our success as a business has been one of evolution and constantly testing and retesting marketing processes so that we can find and use the very best for you as we discover them. Everything we do here at eRational Marketing is designed with our valued clients in mind. From concept to completion, it’s our business to make your business shine. Want to learn more? Click here to schedule a 15 minute phone call. We’re always waiting to get started making money for the next client.  Potential clients ask us why there’s a funnel concept involved and we have the answer for that too.

The idea behind a sales funnel is you have many prospects at the large end that drop-off as they filter through your system so  a smaller amount actually become paying clients. That’s one of the realities for every business, but eRational Marketing has the series of proven sales funnel management tools that make a big difference for that ratio.

Extensive Research

Consider the fact that we have spent considerable time and extensive research on the marketing processes that work best for service providing companies that make their profits from events and appointments. Of course, as a small business owner you’re looking for results and we have those too when it comes to our extensive toolkit of sales funnel techniques. Facts are facts as they say and we can show off our nearly 400,000 leads generated that translates into $3 million in online sales so far.

For any business to succeed in the modern world of Internet and digital marketing, you need to be able to filter your leads and decide which ones are the most attractive. Automated processes can sort through prospective clients in the middle of the sales funnel and make sure the most qualified and most likely to buy  make it to the end of the cycle.

Excellent Sales Funnel Combination

We use an excellent combination of e-mail, video and several other marketing methods to ensure this technique works towards increasing your bottom line and shows you the kind of ROI you expect. One of the big advantages that we have working in tandem with the sales funnel is the fact you’ll deal with one dedicated person for the entire length of any campaign. You’ll be in the loop constantly as progress is made so you can collaborate with your one-on-one consultant and make sure to tweak all the necessary aspects and get the most for your dollar. It’s that kind of attention to detail that has made us industry leaders in sales funnel technology. Scheduling a 15 minute phone call is the first step to business success. We’re waiting to tell you how so why not take advantage of this offer today?

Another huge advantage you’ll have over the competition when you work with us is the fact that our sales funnel is behavior sensitive. Because it will always adapt to prospect behavior, the most relevant marketing messages will be presented and that gives you the highest possible chance of completing the sale.

Sales Funnel Customer Journey

Taking your customer on a journey that ends with them becoming a loyal returning customer is the end goal for the kind of  sales funnel management we offer here at eRational Marketing. We are especially proud of the fact we supply an end-to-end service that generates more clients for your small business. We will manage the entire process for you and everything is done in-house because our entire team is onshore in Toronto and Los Angeles. With us, you’ll get your infrastructure set up professionally and efficiently and then we will look after month-to-month generation of leads by using techniques to drive targeted traffic to your business and optimize your marketing tools.The sales funnel we provide is tailored specifically to coaches, consultants and sales professionals.

The automated process provides the information for  prospects to enter the funnel and then prompts them accordingly with professional and efficient calls to action. Every sales funnel we provide here at eRational Marketing is tailored to your individual business needs. We have the background that every successful small businesses is looking for because we are Digital Marketer Certified Professionals. That means we can cover a wide  variety of the tools you’ll need to turn  prospects into customers through our experience in  conversion optimization, paid traffic, social media, search engine optimization and a variety of other innovations.

Underlying Sales Funnel Management Strategy

One of the goals of an excellent sales funnel that’s been carefully put together and works with an underlying strategy is the fact that unqualified leads are carefully filtered through the automation process. The eRational Marketing approach is all about using the most innovative tools to get your business to where it needs to be through marketing automation and sales funnel management.

We are the professionals helping you position your products and services in a way that will convert into sales because we’ve done it ourselves and understand the path. Why not Invalid shortcode attributes
with us today so we can show you the best methods to successful sales funnel management?