Is Your Business Ready For
Marketing Automation?



There are ways to generate leads online, nurture them automatically using marketing automation, and create lasting customer relationships without letting leads slip through the cracks?

All too often, the biggest issue business owners stress about is attracting leads. However, what they fail to recognize is that many times, their prospective clients simply aren’t ready to buy at a first glance.

Using a combination of video, email marketing, online lead generation and conversion mechanisms, you can create a powerful funnel that generates leads for your business, and automatically nurtures them until they are ready to buy.

Attract leads with powerful landing page content

Provide valuable content so they are interested in what you offer

Nurture them so when they are ready to buy, they come to you

Automate the conversion process to cut down on HR costs

Best of all, you may qualify to have the government
reimburse you for a large portion of the investment in growing
your business. But more on that later…

What Is The Ultra Funnel

Unfortunately, when looking to adopt digital marketing automation, business owners are faced with a hard choice…

They can outsource the work and have an expensive external company market on their behalf…

They can look for someone who already has the skill set they need, and hire them to work full time in-house.

Both of these options are costly, and business owners often have a hard time determining exactly what they should expect from the people they’re hiring: they simply don’t know what to look for!

That’s no longer the case

In this revolutionary marketing system, our team offers a “Done With You” training solution: walking your employees through building this powerful lead generation machine using our proven methodology and adapting it to your business.

Not only will you walk out with a completed funnel at the end of your workshop, your team will be able to adapt the methodology and recreate it for additional service offerings and product sets in the future.

want to discover if you qualify to have the government cover up to 83% of your investment? book your 100% Refundable blueprint session now!

How Does The Ultra
Funnel Work?

The Ultra Funnel uses a series of advanced automation technologies combined to create a powerful machine, designed to generate sales online for service-based businesses, event tickets and products.

Using a combination of tools including landing pages, email automation software, appointment setting systems and compelling video content, the Ultra Funnel nurtures and converts your leads simultaneously.

People have one of two problems with salespeople: either they follow up too often…or not enough!

Rather than barraging your prospects with emails and calls, or leaving the ball in their court for them to touch base, we will train you how to create an automated follow up machine that starts with value first.

The entire concept behind the Ultra Funnel is that you provide insight that helps your potential customers make a more educated decision about what you have to offer.

Not only will they be more likely to buy the type of service you offer, but because you will be the one sending them that information, you will be front-of-mind whenever they are ready to buy.

This is more than just a marketing system: it is a methodology that will revolutionize the way you create sales, and do business in general! 

Leads opt in to receive your video series through a lead capture box on a landing page.

Videos are delivered to their inbox weekly, providing valuable content to subscribers.

Each video teases the sale of your product or service, and invites them to take action.

Purchasers are prompted to complete a questionnaire of info you need before your consult.

After the questionnaire, they are directed to automatically book a time from your calendar.


get started?

Your first step in adopting this marketing automation machine for yourself is to book a blueprint session.

In this 1-hour session, you’ll work with our Chief Strategist to ensure you completely understand how the marketing automation system works, and how it can be adapted to fit your specific business.

Take action, all you need to do is place a 


We use this deposit to ensure you’re serious about growing your company. If you don’t take action, we’ll give you your money back, guaranteed.

Here’s What’s Included In The
Ultra Funnel Workshop

Online Training Modules

We start with a series of engaging online modules that will provide a foundation for the concepts we explore. Each training video is 10-30 minutes, and includes an exercise for your team to work through.

After completing each of the exercises, you’ll be ready to meet with one of our team members including marketing strategists, graphic designers, copywriters, videographers and automation specialists in a virtual training session. In this session, we will train you on how to refine what you’ve created into a polished marketing machine.

Design: Your Brand’s Visual Voice


In this exercise, you will identify how you visually represent your brand. This will include the colours you use, the styles of sites you want to emulate, and the feeling you want the site to convey.

Identifying Your Target Market


It’s impossible to market effectively unless you have a clear picture of who you are speaking to. You’ll identify the demographics you’re targeting and how you can best serve them.

Crafting Your Offer


Identify what the core service offering is that you will be delivering to your clients, and how you can position your product or service most effectively to deliver your “what” to your “who.” Following this series of exercises, you’ll have a clearer picture than ever of what you truly deliver to your clients.

Creating Your Headlines


After identifying what you’re selling, you will explore the best way to capture the attention of your target. Through a combination of recorded training and a 1-1 session with our lead copywriter, you’ll find out how to effectively convey your message.

Video Outlines & Scripts


This is where you’ll start to explore what you are going to discuss in each of your videos, that will offer value to your customer and start to push them towards a sale. Your team will use a series of training videos to come up with content for the series of videos, and then work with our team to refine them into a more polished offering.

Email & Landing Page Copy


Once you know clearly what you’re going to be talking about in your first videos, we’ll help you develop engaging email and landing page copy so that you can drive subscribers to your content. This is a crucial step to keeping your audience interested and driving them back to engage in your information.

In-Person Training

Shooting Your Videos

Once your scripts are finalized and you’re clear on exactly what your offer will be, you’ll be able to start shooting your nurture and conversion videos. You’ll work with a videographer and director to help train you in the way to present yourself in video marketing, how to transition your content seamlessly into an offer. At the end of the session, you’ll have all of your videos shot for your first funnel!

Marketing Automation Training

Here, you’ll learn from our marketing automation specialists how the system works, and how to use it. We’ll also work with you to adapt the system to your specific needs.

Are you a speaker? Add a Text-To-Lead system to sell from the stage! Want to follow up with leads after your blueprint session? Bolt on a fulfillment system. Want to add an upsell sequence? We’ll show you how!

One-On-One Training

Our team will also help you with additional development of your personal offer and the wording for your funnel.

After you’ve shot your video, you may find you need to make a subtle edit to the way you explain your offer in your email copy or on your landing page. We’ll help you make that as clear and compelling as possible.

Upon leaving the 3-day intensive, you’ll have all of your videos shot and ready for editing, all of your content crafted and ready to go, your landing pages and video pages designed and a marketing automation system bolted onto your new funnel.

Follow-Up Training & Support

Once you leave the workshop. you’ll gain access to review videos that your team can revisit at any time. These videos will train your team on how to interact with the marketing system you’ve built, and duplicate it for future campaigns. This includes the creation of more pages, copywriting training, tips on how to shoot your own videos and training on Infusionsoft, the email marketing automation system and CRM we recommend.

But How Do I Get The
Government To Pay For It?

If you’re a Canadian business owner with one or more employees, you may qualify to have the government cover up to 83% of your investment in this training program.

Because we train you on how to adopt this methodology, not only do you walk out at the end of the workshop with a completed funnel, your team will also be empowered to build the system in the future, so you can adapt it for other business verticals.

Get up to $10,000 per employee as a grant reimbursement to cover the cost of training, and develop your team’s skillset!

Bringing the business intelligence in-house, to one of your existing team members will strengthen your team, and ensure you don’t need to go to other agencies in the future.

Why is the Canadian government doing this?
The Canada Job Grant is used to help strengthen our economy. They know that when individuals and businesses succeed, we all do.
Who should I send to this training?
The best people to train are ones who are loyal to you, and know your business well. If you have a salesperson, administrator or another employee who is looking to take on more responsibility, train them to make them more valuable to your company!
What if I don’t have employees?
The Grant can also be used for the training of new hires. If you are using contractors on a consistent basis, you might find that it is time to put them on payroll, and develop them into a long-term part of your team’s success.
What if I want the training for myself?
While business owners do not qualify for the grant themselves, eRational Marketing invites all employers to sit in on the training, to see what your employees are learning, so you can manage them more effectively in the future. You can only track the ROI if you know what they’re doing!


See what others have had to say after working with out team to build a powerful digital marketing automation funnel for their business.

Julie Daniluk

Hot Detox Online Program

“I have an audience of 80,000 people but I only converted 55 to my last program because I hate selling. But (after taking) Thomas’s course I know I can show the real value to it.”

Andrea Ivanka & Sothea Yi

Andrea Ivanka Inc.

“Most places just tell you how to do it (build your lead generation machine) then send you home and you don’t feel comfortable doing it.  Thomas forced us to get it done while we were there and that’s one of the most powerful things.”

Lesley Edwards

Mars Venus Performance Coaching

“I thought I knew what it took to film videos and get my message out there … this is just a whole other level.”

Adele Spraggon

Shaped Within

“In the end it was easy … It was actually fun and easy and effective.”

Bonnie Chan

Connector’s Academy

“I’ve been working on this a while now and it’s been hard because I didn’t have the right team of people”

Kim Speed

Purple Moon Creative “I thought maybe this was something I could maybe do on my own but really the way you’re guided through everything is so helpful.  I wouldn’t have got this done without the help of Thomas.”

Thomas Le Maguer

Certified Infusionsoft Consultant, Online Marketing Educator, Business Owner.Our team has successfully helped business owners offset nearly $400,000 in grants to help them develop their marketing growth strategy.

Learn how your business can implement top-of-funnel lead generation, middle funnel nurture and bottom-of-funnel conversion mechanisms, and have up to 83% of your investment can be covered by a training grant.

Who Are We? 

Thomas Le Maguer

Certified Infusionsoft Consultant, Online Marketing Educator, Business Owner.Our team has successfully helped business owners offset nearly $400,000 in grants to help them develop their marketing growth strategy.

Learn how your business can implement top-of-funnel lead generation, middle funnel nurture and bottom-of-funnel conversion mechanisms, and have up to 83% of your investment can be covered by a training grant.

Want To See How This
Machine Can Work For You?

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If you don’t like what you hear, we’ll give you your money back, guaranteed.

Best of all, you may qualify to have the government
reimburse you for a large portion of the investment in growing
your business. But more on that later…

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